<< We wish to bring together every important player from the outdoor market. AdSelect represents a catalyst in effective communication and moves up the business processes in this branch to the next level >>

Cosmin Popa – Manager Ingenios.ro

Target market

Media Sellers

  • Do you own street advertising media?
  • Automatic connection with potential customers
  • Your inventory is managed and monetized quickly and efficiently
  • Real time business process optimization

Media Buyers

  • Do you use OOH in marketing communications?
  • Adselect is a technology platform for both professionals (agencies) and end customers
  • Real-time access to OOH sellers and service providers
  • AdSelect simplifies and accelerates the campaign planning process. Build your campaign in just a few clicks.

Service Providers

  • Print, mounting media, monitoring?
  • Real-time connection with customers
  • Work order management


  • Do you own a space/ground suitable for placing an OOH support?
  • Direct access to OOH sellers